Welcome to my new blog about being an artist, a woman in her best age and living abroad in weird and wonderful Bulgaria.

I’ve decided to start this blog because I wanted to share more about my life and hopefully learn more about you guys as well. When I follow a page I would like to know more about the person behind the scenes. Not only seeing glittery pictures but also hearing about his or her real life with ups and downs. I thought that might be the same in your case – if not then be warned 😂 and don´t read anymore. I might overshare and be brutally honest – no real life in butterflies and rainbows… However, I will try to have a positive outlook on life while sharing.

I’m going to write my block in English even though that will be difficult for me. My mother tongue is Danish and I am not a native English speaker. Writing in English will also be a challenge because I have a mild case of dyslexia. It can be tricky for me to write in Danish even. I’ll try my best. I have found a speech to text app and that can hopefully help me go from spoken words to text. It amazes me what the modern world can do!

– What in your life would you like to overcome?

Being dyslexic has in my past, when I was a child and teen especially, stopped me from expressing myself in writing. I won’t let trivial things like that stop me anymore. I would like to break the circle! Perhaps I won’t spell correctly and the language will not be as complex as if I wrote in Danish – but I think you will get the point . The advantage with writing in English is that many more of you lovely people, from all over the world, will be able to understand it and put your stamp on this page as well!

I’m going to write about a different topic each time. About living abroad in Bulgaria, our everyday life here and of course a lot of my blogging is going to be about being an artist. I would love to hear from you as well! What is going on in your life? I hope that you will engage and tell me about your life in the comments. You are welcome to do so in whatever language you would like. I can translate. If you have any questions or topics I could write about, then you are more than welcome to share them. You can pretty much ask me anything and I’ll try to answer the best I can.

Thanks ❤